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Hi there! As you may already know, my name is Kori Pop. My pronouns are She/Her
I am a certified expressive arts practitioner and Creativity Guide. Since I graduated from university in 2006, I've been teaching and creating professionally. In 2019, I decided to go back to school to complete a post-graduate certificate in the expressive arts. Over the years I've recognized that creative expression comes from a very personal place and functions in highly therapeutic ways. I wanted to learn how to facilitate creativity mindfully and responsibly. The need for alternative forms of wellness support is growing with these highly transformative times we are experiencing. My hope is that I can offer a little light in the dark. 
Here are some not-so-random personal factoids:
I've known for a long time that my job here on Earth is to help people establish a meaningful connection with their creative senses in the name of self-expression and self-care. Before studying to become an EXAP, I studied music formally. I did so because I wanted to learn how to notate the music I hear in my imagination. Though I adore many art forms, singing and songwriting are passions of mine, as are keeping a journal, birding, fiction, moon tracking, expanding my palette for veggies, laughing with friends & family (fur, flesh and feather) and discovering new-to-me places.
Below you can learn about my education, training and what I pursue as self-study. If you're curious how I may be able to help you, follow through to the SERVICES page to learn more!      


Expressive Arts Graduate Certificate

Mohawk College

Class of 2020

Bachelor of Arts, Music

McMaster Univeristy

Class of 2006

Applied Music Diploma

Mohawk College

Class of 2004


Trauma-Informed Practice

Intro to Gentle Teaching



Workplace Violence and Harassment

AODA Certificate

(Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)




Fire Safety Awareness

Worker Health and Safety Awareness

Anaphylaxis/Allergy Aware


Anti-Oppressive Practices

Intermediate Level Astrology

Lunar Creativity



Music Creation & Production


Levitating Books