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Picture of Kori Pop smiling. A birch tree is in the background.

Kori Pop (She/Her)



I am a certified expressive arts practitioner, senior care and musical artist. Over the course of my career I've been fortunate to have many unique opportunities to learn and grow in ways that compliment my work as a facilitator and practitioner. I'm grateful for collaborative efforts with grassroots organizations like Under the Willows (Lynwood Charlton Centre) and local programming hubs such as Mohawk College's City School and the Art Gallery of Hamilton as well as invitations to create music for CBC Kids, Upper Canada Films and award winning learn-to-read app, Homer (now BEGiN). 

Currently I am offering my services in the Haldimand/Norfolk and the Hamilton area. When I am not out and about, I am happily nestled at home with my lovely senior-aged cat Beta Junebug. Here there is always a creative project on the go, a kettle whistling and an open window to let the fresh air in.

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