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Kori Pop (She/Her)

Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner

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What inspires my work is the belief that connection is experienced when a person feels seen - that something of their truest essence is witnessed. Free from judgment, critique or analysis, much can grow from this - comfort, reassurance, agency and sometimes even joy. My offering is providing a space for this connection to occur. My toolkit (or 'traveling studio') includes things that I have personally used to stay connected within myself, and with the world around me. Also included in here, are the invaluable lessons, experiences and wisdoms I have been gifted through connecting with others. Some through formal training. And mostly, through simple, everyday life. 

Currently I live in the Hamilton area with my lovely senior-aged cat, Beta Junebug. When I am not out-and-about visiting clients, friends or family, I am happily nestled in my little nest. Here there is always a creative project on the go, a kettle whistling and an open window to let the fresh air in.

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