In the spirit of collaboration, I work with individuals, groups and organizations to support well-being through the use of the creative arts. It is my belief that regular access to safer spaces that encourage creative self-expression can strengthen and amplify intuition, self-esteem and a sense of wonder. 

Creativity is a conversation between imagination, intuition and logic. It is a space where rules can be broken. It invites you to follow your instincts into unknown terrain. Perhaps most importantly, creative expression leads to greater self-understanding. When creativity is used as a tool, your everyday experiences can be sorted through and processed with more clarity. Following your creative impulses can be very thrilling! At other times, it can open you up to a valley of inner peace. Either way, staying creative is an essential practice because it nurtures agency and fortifies overall well-being. As a person who has been enjoying the countless benefits of being an actively creative individual, I've made it a personal and professional mission to educate and empower people to do so for themselves.

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