Image ID: An illustration of a woman's face looking off to the side with curiosity. As a hat, she wears an acorn top, with a small lighthouse resting upon it. The light is shining into the sky above, illuminating a starry night. She holds a finger to her mouth and upon it sits a snail. The snail's eyes double as the woman's spectacles. Instead of ears, she has butterfly wings.  

When creativity is approached with a sense of wonder instead of expectation, there is so much potential for meaningful (and often healing) personal growth. Our relationship with the creative process has much to do with the way we navigate every-day life. And so, being creative isn't something reserved for the artistically inclined - it is a birthright for everyone!


For many moons, I have witnessed this first hand both professionally and personally. My passion is to help you get to know your Inner Artist so you may build the confidence and self-understanding needed to claim authorship of your life. I am a certified expressive arts practitioner yet a more apt professional title for my work here may be Creativity Liberator, Mentor or Support


Through highly personalized programming, my role in your journey is to ignite (or re-ignite) curiosity and get you exploring, discovering & growingIt is never too late to develop an unbreakable bond with your creative spirit and use this wellspring as a tool for your own comfort, empowerment and wellness.

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