Creativity Mentorship

Step One: Initial Consultation [15-30 mins]

Complimentary/No Cost

Creativity mentorship is for anyone, at any age. My job is to help you redefine what creativity really means to you, why you need it and how you can nurture it in practical ways on a regular basis. It's for those of you who haven't done anything 'artistic' since those wild works of abstract art that decorated refrigerators in early childhood to those of you working as a professional creator. It's to help lift the weight of Imposter Syndrome or perhaps untether you from the "Everything Has Already Been Written/Sung/Done So Why Bother?" mentality. For this reason, I do not offer a cookie-cutter approach to mentorship. During this initial chat, we can get to know each other a little better and continue this conversation. Once we've connected, you'll have a better idea of what I can help you with and whether or not we are energetically suited to work together.


Step Two: Introductory Package [Three (3) Session Block]

$200 + tax


After the initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to book a three-session block. Each session runs for approximately 45 mins and for the time being, will remain virtual. You can do these sessions back-to-back weekly, or as you have time/energy for them. I've learned it's wise to let you lead the way and trust your own flow! Seeing that creativity is an ongoing conversation with your own imagination, these initial sessions will get the dialogue flowing. Because my approach to mentorship is tailored to your needs and wishes, the plan will differ from person to person. What I can promise is that you will be invited to experiment with a multitude of art forms as 'tools' used to investigate and explore an idea, an emotion or simply - your imagination in general.

Step Three: On-going Mentorship [Single Sessions: 45 min] 

$65 + tax 


After your introductory sessions, you are able to book with me at any time! Over the years, I've been able to provide creativity mentorship in several ways. As it was in the initial sessions, the creative arts will be used as tools to stimulate your creativity, support your overall wellness or encourage personal development.


Here are some examples of how I can be of service to you and your creative muses: 

Brainstorming/Problem Solving/Coaching 

For when you are stuck with an idea or creative project, looking for a fresh perspective or simply in need of someone to bounce ideas off of! Since I am forever engaged in professional development as a coach, I'll be able to support you in getting unstuck. 



For those times you just need someone to be there, to listen or even just to quietly create with. You may be going through a difficult time or perhaps you have made a big personal discovery and need someone objective to process it with - a space to 'feel' into your experience. This service is something I am certified and trained to offer as an expressive arts practitioner. See my Training and Education to learn more. 

Personal-Reflection/Exploration Guide

For those times you are ready and willing to do some inner exploring. Who are you...truly? 


Stimulus/Just for Fun

To combat the beast that is boredom! To stimulate your creative flow, just for the enjoyment of it. 


If you are curious to learn more or wish to book a no-charge consultation, please email me at I'll be in touch about setting up a phone chat or video call (whichever you prefer). 

You can learn more about me, my qualifications and experiences here: Education & Training.