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Compassionate Care//Personalized Non-Medical Support Services

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Additional caregiving support for individuals and families in need of friendly, compassionate companionship and extra assistance.

When navigating a health or life crisis, it truly does take a village to provide the necessary support. My offer is to be one part of that community and bring the simple relief that you and your loved one will be seen and met with sincerity and great care. 


You or your loved one may be living alone, in retirement or longterm care. You/they may be navigating temporary, on-going or long-term health challenges that come with feelings of isolation. Medical needs are being met but a more personal kind of engagement and connection is necessary. With a person-centred approach to care, the purpose of these visits are to preserve, restore and celebrate the need for inclusion and connection, comfort and the celebration of identity, occupation and at the centre of it all - loving care. 

What Compassionate Care includes:​

  • Trauma-informed and anti-oppressive practices. 

  • Routine 1-to-1 in-person visits with individuals living in-home, in retirement or long-term care homes.

  • Caregiver Respite

  • Liaison between client, family and any caregiving staff involved. 

  • Additional care for individuals living with Dementia or any other long-term health diagnosis.

  • Engaging visits consisting of time spent partaking in the unique interests and needs of a person.

  • Opportunities for creative self-expression or engagement (if there is an interest): Including visual art, music, poetry, writing, etc.

  • Running light errands.

  • Visits intended to inspire a connection and relieve the experience of isolation or disorientation. 

  • Companionship and friendly support. 

  • Gentle and calming presence. 

  • Someone to talk with who will always listen carefully and mindfully.

The most natural way to proceed if the above speaks to your needs is to contact me directly. Please email me at From there we can set up a phone call where I can answer any questions you may have and learn more about what services you are looking for.


Just as a note: I do offer a sliding scale rate. 

For additional information about my training and work experiences see Training, Portfolio or visit my LinkedIn page.

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